Years ago to have a website one needed to know HTML and CSS. Those days are now gone. Anyone can create their own website using a Content Management System (CMS). In the early days of CMS they were mostly used for blogs. Now they are used for all types of sites: news, shopping, displaying graphic designs, photography, biographies, etc. The invention of CMS have made is so easy for non-technical users to create and maintain their own website.

There are tons of CMS to choose from, it just depends on what you are looking for it to do, it’s flexibility, it’s easy of use and how customizable it can be to decide which one to choose. Before deciding on which one to use one should do a lot of research on each one and the functionality of the plugins which can be added to the sites and the dependability of the plugins. The three most used are:

WordPress – It’s a free open source blogging tool free to download and install and has tons of plugins to use. It can be used for just a simple blogging platform to a robust news outlet based on PHP and MySQL.

Drupal – A free open-source written in PHP and distributed under the GNC General Public License. It is used for personal blogs to corporate and government websites.

Joomla – Another free open-source CMS for publishing web content. It’s written in PHP and uses MySQL and has many extensions one can install. Joomla can be used from anything like a personal website to corporate or government websites.

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