Last Saturday Leslie, Megan, Darcie and I helped serve hundreds of people at The LORD’s Child‘s Holiday Feast Food Box Giveaway.  It was saddening to see the number of people who were in desperate need of food, but it was also a rich blessing to be a part of an organization who feeds and clothes the needy.  Just to see the smiles on the faces of those young children when they saw all the food they were getting for Thanksgiving and to know at least for a few days they would have food in their starving stomachs.  While we were helping to serve those who were in need Lonnie was off to north Knoxville to help out a dear friend of ours who was in need of heat, a hot meal, a hot shower, and hot food in his stomach.  What a blessing it was for our family to take the time out of our busy schedules to serve those who are less fortunate than we are.  God has so richly blessed us over the past decade.

Four times a year, The LORD’s Child serves those who are in need.  At Easter they provide food for an Easter meal, there’s a Back-to-School event where they give the children who are destitute a pair of new clothes, a pair of new shoes, and a backpack full of school supplies.  At Christmas time, they sponsor “Operation Snowflake” where they provide not only a Christmas meal, but toys for the children.  On December 13, 2014 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm come out and join us to server those less fortunate than ourselves.  If you can’t donate your time, then donate your money to The LORD’s Child to help those less fortunate than yourself.

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