Social Media has become a very important aspect of our everyday lives. It has even become more important in the business world. If your business has an Internet presence then it needs to have a social media presence. Keeping Social Media updated and tracking the likes, shares, and even tweets and retweets can be very time consuming for you. There’s a lot of time and effort invested in a site just to make sure that the content on the site is spread out to all the major social networks.

Since time is one resource we all have little of, social media plugins for your WordPress site is very necessary. These plugins can improve the overall user experience with your website without having to dedicate hours of precious time to get it done.

  1. WordPress Social Stream – Want to merge all of your social networking activities onto a single network stream on a page on your WordPress site? This plugin can do it for you. It includes 15 social networks and 60 feed options.
  2. Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress – Need more Facebook shares of your content, more traffic to your site, or more fans for your site? This plugin can do it.
  3. Twitter Slider and User Card for WordPress – Want an easy way to display your Twitter tweets? The slider can be used vertically or horizontally. It can be programmed to display tweets from a specific user, a trending hashtag or a tweeter user.
  4. Social Box – Social Profile Showcase – This WordPress plugin allows you to add a cool social widget to your WordPress site. It supports several social networks for you to use.
  5. SocialFans – WP Responsive Social Counter Plugin – This plugin is retina responsive displaying your social accounts subscribers, fans, and followers number on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and 26 other social media networks.
  6. Tweetable Shortcode – This plugin allows you to take a sentence and quickly share it as a tweet. Select some text in your WordPress post editor and simply click on the tweetable shortcode button in the WordPress editor toolbar.
  7. Facebook Social Plugin – This WordPress plugin adds the ability to associate your WordPress Posts with your Facebook Page’s Timeline. It is developed by Facebook and offers features such as Open Graph protocol, Facebook insights, buttons to like/send/follow a post on your site, Facebook Comments Box social plugin, like box, recommendations bar, and recommendations box.
  8. ShareThis – Share your WordPress posts easily with ShareThis.
  9. Pinterest Pin It Button for Images – This plugin places a nice large “Pin It” button on the image when you hover over the image (it also causes the image to fade to catch the user attention).  There are several different options it provides to help Pin your site.
  10. Pretty Pinterest Pins – This plugin display thumbnails and links to your latest Pins on Pinterest and a button to “Follow me on Pinterest”.

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