How will you paint your canvas today?As Hallerin Hilton Hill says, “Today is a new day.  This day has never been lived before.  It’s a blank canvas.”  Stop and think about it.  God gives us each day.  When we wake up each morning we have a blank canvas for that day.  In the Lord’s prayer “Give us this day our daily bread” Matthew 6:11 we are asking God to provide us today with what we need (our daily essentials).  The first thing most  people will think about is food, money, clothing, and maybe shelter to make it through the day.  But, what if we think about asking instead of the basics for that day if we were to ask God for wisdom and knowledge for that day so we can open our eyes and ears each day to things around us we don’t usually see or hear.  The confersations we hear each day, do we really hear the plea of someone in need?  Someone who might need a simple prayer of encouragement?  Someone who needs a simple prayer of healing?  Someone who needs God and His saving grace?  Do we see that person who is hungry and needs food (not just physical food, but also spritual food)?

I hear so many people in life grumble about having to go to a job each day that they hate.  They hate their job so bad that by the time they get to work they already have a negative attitude and it’s hard to be positive for people when you yourself are negative.  Live each day to the fullest.  In this day and time be thankful you have a job (so many people don’t).  Take the bull by the horn and storm into each day thankful for what you have.  Be determined you will have that positive attitude and search for a way to take a negative situation and make it poistive.  God may have you in that job to speak to someone who needs Him or to be an example to someone of how God’s love can make you shine no matter how bad the storm is in your life.  You just might be that lifeboat someone needs to keep from drowning in hell today.

What if your goal today is to paint your world with the colors of the rainbow, bright and beautiful like God’s love, grace and mercy?  Matthew 5:16 tells us to “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”  Don’t you think people will see God shining though you and take notice?  Don’t you think it wouldn’t inspire someone to want what you have with God?  Don’t you think it just might be someone’s lifeboat in the storms in their life?

How will you paint your canvas today?

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